Why Need a Image For Website And How Can Use This?

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Today, I will discuss a very important topic here, which is very useful for your online business. Many websites are currently being created in the whole world. It may be either services or e-commerce. 

You want to review for an article or to sell any products. You will need the image for this work.

Why use the image?
This image website is of great importance.
One image can represent your article in a beautiful way. And the biggest thing is that if you do not use the image on your site, it will take a wallet for your website's Visitors. Take a look at yourself in the picture below.

Visit this difference between the first article and the second article in the picture.
Also, the online image is called the queen of an article.

The effect of the many texts on your website that works as much as an image works more than that.

How can get this image?
When you use an image, where will it get?
Google always wants a unique image that you will not copy from any other website right away.

You should know how to use images correctly.

How To Collect Pictures?
You can get many free websites to use your image. 
But there is a word here that when you decide to use this image you need to know whether anyone else like you are trying to use it. and you can check this image here google image search  
If you check that the image is in the index of Google's database then it will not work.
You can get image from here pixabay

You can download the image and reduce the size of the image. Usually, Google regards an image as a copy, depending on its size and some other issues. That's why you will change this issue. Then you can change the background of the image.

You can do this with Photoshop or any other software.
You can go to Google's Advanced Search Options and get free images from this option.

 Find the image that the link is above and follow the instructions of the picture

You will find many companies online in this image editing service. Wait for them, you can edit your image.

Important Tip for Using Images
The image should be used for your website because it means that you will use a lot of images, it will be wrong again because using more images on the website, your website's loading will be much more damaging for your website.

If you are using WordPress - you can use wp-smush plugin

Besides, you can find many websites online to compress the image. You can use this website
if you need your image develop you also get any kind of image editing services provider. i also recommend this website 



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